hello. my name is alice oseman. i’m 19.

if you’ve followed me for a few years, which some of you have, since i was like 15/16, you’ll know that i’ve wanted to be a published author for quite a while.

you’ll also know that i wasn’t a very happy person when i was at school. i hated school a lot. A LOT. it got to the point where there was only one thing i really enjoyed about my life. and that was writing this book. Solitaire.

i would think about it all of the time. i would get homework done at school so i could write at home. i would spend entire weekends tucked up in bed, writing, and i’d go to school on four hours of sleep because i’d stayed up writing. i didn’t want anybody to read it. i wasn’t writing it for anyone else. it was just for me. in a life that seemed so out of my hands, this book and this story and these characters were things that depended entirely on me. it made me feel like i was worth something.

it wasn’t until i’d finished and edited it that i even considered that other people might enjoy it too. that’s when the determination hit, i guess. this book was completely and totally an outlet - i wrote it in anger and in sadness and in the desperate hope that life could be less boring than it was proving to be. so i finished it and decided - i am not putting up with any of this shit anymore. i am so fucking done. the only thing that i ever want to be is a writer. it is the only thing that makes me happy. i’d better get on and do something.

now i have a book in my hands. an actual book printed by a major publisher.

it’s going to be in waterstones and other bookshops. it’s going to be in the UK and america and australia and france and brazil and a heap of other countries. people are going to read and enjoy the story that i wrote because i didn’t know what else to do to make myself happier.

i believe i am possibly one of the luckiest people in the world

and i hope that my book, and the books that i will write in the future, will bring something to people’s lives, as Solitaire brought something to mine

amazon / goodreads / waterstones

this will be the only time i reblog this until publication day probably but i just wanted to say that i’m literally amazed at how many notes this has gotten and how many followers i’ve gained over the last 24 hours and thank you so much to everyone who’s sent me such kind and lovely messages - it means the absolute world to me to spread my love for writing and hopefully persuade young writers that age should never be something to hold you back and it is possible to be successful in writing, even if you don’t know anyone in publishing or have any money. thank you EVERYONE i am just so amazed and grateful, and if you get to read the book, i really really really hope that you enjoy it!

I’m looking forward to reading it!